Photo of Bendte Fagge at the Moogfest 2016 Light Exhibit

Hello! My name is Bendte Fagge, pronounced [ BendEE Fagg ].

I solve problems, most often with websites and digital technologies. I am passionate about user experience, the Web, and libraries. The book, Beautiful Users: Designing for People, has been a great source of inspiration for me. It’s made me think about and practice advocating for better design in systems that are used every day in my current position at Duke University Press.

What makes me special?

  • My lens for creative problem solving includes design thinking, user-centered design, research/analysis, and collaboration.
  • I’m highly self-motivated to continuously learn new ideas and technologies that can be incorporated into solutions.
  • I’m an excellent communicator with diverse audiences.
  • As a leader, I take into account all aspects of a problem including business/user goals and create plans to implement solutions without chaos.

My background:

I am a UNC-CH SILS Master of Science in Information Science graduate concentrating in user experience and Web development with a professional background in publishing. My experience includes: managing system and website life cycles, user research/usability testing, information architecture, online publishing, XML, project management, vendor relationship management, and facilitating cross-organizational collaboration.