Web User Interface for Books Database

My final project for the Web Development II class at UNC-CH SILS required me to build a small SQLite database of book titles with specific metadata and create a web user interface to display the information in the database.

ClientUNC-CH SILS Web Development II class
DateJuly 2013


  • Create an SQLite database containing book title records and create a web user interface meeting the following criteria:
    • Display ISBN, title, author, publisher, format, and subject of each book in a table format for all book records in the database
    • Add book records and search/sort books via specific metadata categories
    • View details of each book record
    • Add reviews to book records and show all reviews available for each record
    • Update or delete book record

Note: My professor did provide some snippets of code to get the class started on this project. She stressed that in most jobs it is rare to start coding from scratch and often you are working with a pre-existing codebase.

View web interface: http://www.bendtefagge.com/webdev/index.php

Image of web display for a table consisting of metadata from book records in a database. Image of web display of a book record from a database. Image of a user interface for adding a book record to a database via a web interface.